The name says it all.  This class is for the advanced/established actor who wishes to work their materials in the environment of professional collaboration that is our industry.  

We focus on deep industry knowledge and awareness combined with full artistic commitment and expression to create your best possible on-camera work.


Each week, the class will start with a full review a series or production currently shooting in Vancouver, with detailed notes and video reviews where available.  This will be the basis of our ongoing industry awareness discussion.

You will prepare new materials audition ready for class (select from options emailed to you, from our database, or choose your own). We’ll coach and record it live and online for whatever style/show it’s been written in and practice adjusting it to the style of the show of the week.

What would your Flash audition look like if it was actually on Chesapeake Shores?  How does Van Helsing read if it’s an ABC Pilot?

This working understanding of the why and how behind stylistic demand is the driving force of our work.  It will ensure that we are continually keeping up with the stride and pace of our constantly evolving industry.

Constantly advancing.  On-Camera.

Taught by 

Jeb Beach

Date & Time 

Wednesday 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM (PST)



Cost (tax incl)

One-time drop-in: $80

Four-week* session: $296

Eight-week* session: $530


Free Auditing is available. 

Please Contact Us to arrange.


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