This is the class for the experienced actors who are ready to work hard for the career that they want to achieve.


YOU ARE A SOLUTION for the industry.  The industry has CURRENT needs that you can fill.  When you identify these, you can clearly identify your VALUE TO THE INDUSTRY.


With an inherent awareness of your INDUSTRY VALUE guiding your work, you are set to hone expertise at these solutions that you offer, and are set to build.


In The Audience Experience weekly, we will investigate, research, practice, and prove the roles you are ready to book right now.

Pre-Requisite:  Actors must be either currently or historically professionally repped or have significant training (eg Theatre School, Graduated a full time program, or have taken significant amount of part time classes).

Classes are kept SMALL - only TEN people max.  We are taking our time and going deep on art and career with each individual.


Each week starts with an industry discussion, looking at what’s happening right now, reviews of current or upcoming TV series, seasonality, new trends that suggest new opportunities. review of a current or upcoming TV Series.  We’ll examine tone, network, casting, and who’s getting hired for what and why.


Then… we get on camera and work what you’ve brought based on your assigned homework from the previous week.


Actors are assigned homework each week, and provided out of class support via shared google documents and the JBA Discord Server.  Each week, you will be refining your personal balance of career and artistic growth.


You’ll use that refined awareness to make increasingly informed decisions on what you are working on based on your personal WHY.

The AUDIENCE EXPERIENCE will empower you with the knowledge and skill to build your career.

Book 4 Week Session
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Taught by 

Jeb Beach

Date & Time 

Tuesdays 11:30am-3:30pm: Waitlist

Tuesdays 5pm-9pm: Waitlist

Thursdays 11:30am-3:30pm: Waitlist

Thursdays 5pm-9pm: Waitlist


Studio 3 


$350 + 5% GST

Max Class Size: Limited to TEN only

Covid Safety Plans: We will follow and adhere to all provincial regulations and mandates for covid safety.


Currently auditing is not an option for in person classes.