Auditioning is a skill in and of itself. It’s all about creating an engaging experience for the audience and collaborating with casting to create interesting, viable character options for their client.  Back to Booking is the industry-driven, weekly auditioning training designed to keep you showing up to be invited back.


Every time.

Each week, you’ll choose from a selection of materials, sent in advance,  that represent the range of auditions you’ll read for in Vancouver.  You are also free to bring your own material to work with.

You’ll come to class ready to read your audition, and will present on camera a private audition setting. We’ll then review the work, as a group, using everyone’s work to allow everyone to benefit from adjustments, tips, and tricks imparted to each actor. 


Finally, we’ll re-shoot your audition on camera, coaching as necessary.

As the weeks progress, you’ll work styles and role levels that will challenge and increase your ability to produce interesting, memorable, unique, BOOKABLE auditions.

Taught by 

Jill Morrison

Date & Time




Cost (tax incl)

One-time drop in: $80

Four-week* session: $296

Eight-week* session: $530


Free Auditing is available. 

Please Contact Us to arrange.


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