Auditions, Callbacks, Critiques, and Contests!

Connected & Sharp Members receive all of the above, plus - depending on participation level chosen - mock auditions, self tapes, critiques, and callbacks each week.

Plus... entry into the monthly giveaway for the feature class or workshop of the month.

“The only constant is change”


Connected & Sharp started as JBA's response to the Quarantine of 2020.  The plan was to Stay Connected, Stay Sharp, and learn the new tools.  We knew the industry was going to back and we wanted to stay ready.

The industry came back.  We stayed ready.  Actors delivered.  Actors Booked.

Today... it's about flexibility of time and budget.  All the time and attention of a weekly class on your schedule on your terms. 


Connected and Sharp continues to be a cornerstone of support in the constantly changing world around us.

Every week, the team will review the top self-tape/zoom audition of the week.  The top four for the month will be given notes from the teacher of the month, and that teacher’s favourite selection will receive a class credit for one month in that teacher’s class or workshop (approximate value $300), and has their winning performance highlighted on JBA social media, and the performance showcased with notes in the members section.

View Contest & Connected and Sharp Terms and Conditions Here

Connected & Sharp

  • One Self Tape, One Zoom Audition, Full detailed critiques from Jeb and a 20 minute live online session with Jeb to rework one scene as a callback.

  • Weekly invites to live stream of all weekly JBA webinars. Lessons, special guests, etc. 

  • Access to the JBA Discord Community - connect in real-time to other community members and the JBA teachers and coaches.  A positive group of cool supportive people.

$197 per month