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“Actors don’t get hired.  CHARACTERS Get Hired”

The research and development of a character underpins the foundation of successful audition and a booking.

During the urgency that surrounds an audition, especially within the extremely limited time to prepare, actors often miss opportunities to bring grounded work, anchored in specificity, to the casting room. Instead of serving the story, our nerves get the better of us. 

Crafting Character will give actors the skill set to efficiently research the given circumstances of a scene to develop nuanced characters under the extreme demands of audition timelines.


Actors will come away with a proactive character development process.   They will be set to establish ongoing exploration and discovery that will hone the tools, facts, and details to allow them to quickly deliver a well-researched point of view for each and every character.

Having this foundation under the belt, will bolster the ability to listen, discover, work from intention, make more confident choices, create relationship, and become a conduit for the story. 

Learn how to mine your sides for information to form a deeper knowledge of your character’s point of view. We’ll use easily accessible research tools to bring life to the world created by the writer. 

Techniques will be shared to:

Develop a clear point of view for your character: 

Absorb information and use it to inform your intention.

Make interesting choices grounded in your knowledge of your character’s context

Learn the archetype of your characters and avoid the stereotype

Integrate your research into the internal life of your character


A comprehensive list of research resources will be given to add to each actor “toolkit”, and together, the group will implement the resources and explore several sets of sides.  (All materials will be provided)

The workshop will be six hours in length with a half-hour break, live online. 


Taught by 

Jessie Fraser

Date & Time

29th Jan ​12pm-6pm PST (3pm-9pm EST)



Cost (tax incl)

$143 + 5% GST


Auditing is not available for this workshop

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