As a Professional  Film and Television Actor, there are three key categories on which you must focus: Instrument Development, Audition Booking Skills, and Career Development.

You must constantly be developing individually and caring for the delicate balance between these disciplines.  If one is out of alignment, the whole system fails, and your career stagnates. This is the philosophy behind Team JBA.  All of our classes and workshops fall into one of these fundamental categories.

With the fundamental philosophical values of Commitment, Discipline, Compassion, and Support driving our work, the JBA Team will help you hone in on where your opportunities for artistic and professional growth exist,  and direct you forward freely into your life and career as an actor.

What Live Online Training Looks Like

Always innovating and striving to keep Ahead of the Curve, JBA has amassed the experience of coaching thousands of auditions, scenes, and actors Live Online. 


Every day, the team continues to grow and refine our expertise. We embrace the constant of change and support actors in achieving real world results.

Upcoming Workshops


Starts Friday, May 7th

The ability to conceive, write, produce, and connect with an audience is more accessible than it ever has been. 

Today, the actor who writes has more opportunities to define their careers than ever before

May 29th - 30th

Take a deep dive into the world of voice; from commercials and narration to video games and animation. This hands-on fast-paced two-day workshop is the perfect place to unveil both the industry and the job of the voice-over artist.

We work on the ins-and-outs of the business, uncover more about your instrument, learn tools that are immediately implementable into your work, and find out how to craft a bookable, ahead-of-the-curve voice audition! 

May 13th, 15th & 16th

It is a historic time for Canadian Actors.

This is going to be the new normal. Casting is going to be through Zoom and self-tape for the foreseeable future. We have the chance to practice it now - ahead of the curve.

Thursday April 29th, May 1st & 2nd

In THINK BIG we break it down and get focused on nailing the bigger roles, breaking the day player mentality.  


Let’s work to level our auditions up to the multi-episode characters.  Let’s think about auditions that keep the audience invested to know where we will go from here.

Let’s LOSE the ‘day player’ mentality and THINK BIG.

Now is the time.

April 25th

“Actors don’t get hired.  CHARACTERS Get Hired”

The research and development of a character underpins the foundation of successful audition and a booking.

During the urgency that surrounds an audition, especially within the extremely limited time to prepare, actors often miss opportunities to bring grounded work, anchored in specificity, to the casting room. Instead of serving the story, our nerves get the better of us. 

Weekly Classes

Tuesdays with Jessie: 6pm-10pm
Sundays with Jill: 6pm-9pm

Auditioning is a skill in and of itself.  It’s all about creating an engaging experience for the audience, and collaborating with casting to create interesting, viable character options for their client.  


Back to Booking is the industry-driven, weekly auditioning training designed to keep you showing up to be invited back.

Every time.

Wednesdays 5pm-9pm

This class is designed to strengthen the tools and muscles required as a professional voice-over artist. Ongoing practice and conditioning, building your daily practice, and focused coaching for individual areas of growth ensure your instrument is sharp and ready to book.

With a range of experience levels among students, Megan teaches in a way that is accessible to all, while still providing constant challenge and growth opportunities to the more advanced students.


Wednesdays with Wesley & Matthew 10am-1pm

‘The Link’ is a unique opportunity for 10 ‘Active Participants’ to work their audition muscles & cultivate a unique, strong self-tape & then WOW Directors & Producers with an equally strong online callback.


With the added experience of continuing to fill your ever-growing ‘Actor Toolkit’ through a custom built community day that has become the backbone of this distinctive class.

Fridays 12pm-4pm


PLUS 12 to 20 mock auditions over the course of the month

The Film and TV industry is extremely demanding, operating at a highly demanding pace. Working actors are expected to deliver huge results in extreme conditions. 

Picking up the Pace will condition you to operate at the intense and consistently demanding pace of the industry. Any ‘leaks in your game’ will surface, and you will get ahead of them. Let’s identify where that inconveniently high bar for success is and surpass it.

Wednesdays 4:00pm-8:00pm

The name says it all. This class is for the advanced/established actor who wishes to work their materials in the environment of professional collaboration that is our industry.  

We focus on deep industry knowledge and awareness combined with full artistic commitment and expression to create your best possible on camera work.

Constantly advancing.  On Camera.

Tuesdays 3pm-6pm PST / 6pm-9pm EST

The Audience Experience Toronto.

This is the How and Why of the entertainment industry:

We are in the business of collaborating with networks and studios to craft an experience for their audience.

When we understand the symbiosis that must exist between business and art, we can clearly and quickly identify and inhabit tone, style, pace, and other often missed but vital parameters.


Once we have this skill under our belt, we are able to take our auditions further, making the absolute most out of often very tight preparation timelines, and elevating work from “audition” to professional collaboration with casting. Every time.



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