As a Professional  Film and Television Actor, there are three key categories on which you must focus: Instrument Development, Audition Booking Skills, and Career Development.

You must constantly be developing individually and caring for the delicate balance between these disciplines.  If one is out of alignment, the whole system fails, and your career stagnates. This is the philosophy behind Team JBA.  All of our classes and workshops fall into one of these fundamental categories.

With the fundamental philosophical values of Commitment, Discipline, Compassion, and Support driving our work, the JBA Team will help you hone in on where your opportunities for artistic and professional growth exist,  and direct you forward freely into your life and career as an actor.

What Live Online Training Looks Like

Always innovating and striving to keep Ahead of the Curve, JBA has amassed the experience of coaching thousands of auditions, scenes, and actors Live Online. 


Every day, the team continues to grow and refine our expertise. We embrace the constant of change and support actors in achieving real world results.




August 26th - 28th with Jessie Fraser


August 13th - 15th with Jeb Beach

Weekly Classes


Weds 4pm-8pmPST/7pm-11pm EST

This is the class for actors who are ready to work hard for the career that they want to achieve.


YOU ARE A SOLUTION for the industry.  The industry has CURRENT needs that you can fill.  When you identify these, you can clearly identify your VALUE TO THE INDUSTRY.


With an inherent awareness of your INDUSTRY VALUE guiding your work, you are set to hone expertise at these solutions that you offer, and are set to build.


In The Audience Experience weekly, we will investigate, research, practice, and prove the roles you are ready to book right now.


Saturdays 10am-2pm

This class is designed to strengthen the tools and muscles required as a professional voice-over artist.


Ongoing practice and conditioning, building your daily practice and focused coaching for individual areas of growth ensure your instrument is sharp and ready to book.

With a range of experience levels among students, Megan teaches in a way that is accessible to all, while still providing constant challenge and growth opportunities to the more advanced students.


Fridays 12pm-4pm

PLUS 12 to 20 mock auditions over the course of the month

The Film and TV industry is extremely demanding, operating at a highly demanding pace. Working actors are expected to deliver huge results in extreme conditions. 

Picking up the Pace will condition you to operate at the intense and consistently demanding pace of the industry. Any ‘leaks in your game’ will surface, and you will get ahead of them.


Let’s identify where that inconveniently high bar for success is and surpass it.


Tuesdays 6pm-10pm

Auditioning is a skill in and of itself.


It’s all about creating an engaging experience for the audience and collaborating with casting to create interesting, viable character options for their client.  


Back to Booking is the industry-driven, weekly auditioning training designed to keep you showing up to be invited back.

Every time.