The Film and TV industry is extremely demanding, operating at a highly demanding pace. Working actors are expected to deliver huge results in extreme conditions.

Picking up the Pace will condition you to operate at the intense and consistently demanding pace of the industry.  Any ‘leaks in your game’ will surface, and you will get ahead of them.  Let’s identify where that inconveniently high bar for success is and surpass it.


EACH WEEK, on various days between classes you will receive at least four auditions with call times (we will communicate each week as to what your availability is). We will record your auditions live and online, OR you will have the option to self-tape and upload.

Jeb will review and provide written notes on each audition prior to the Friday morning class, and in class, you are assigned one of the scenes to rework live online.  Alternatively, actors may opt to review all of their work with the class time and receive go forward notes: audition technique, preparation adjustments, style awareness, and so on so that you can use that as a guide for your on-camera work and audition prep process.

This is the consistent conditioning that will get you operating at a high pace and intense demands that the industry demands to get the job booked.

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Taught by 

Jeb Beach

Date & Time 

Wednesdays 5:00 PM - 9pm PM PT

Plus 12 - 20 Mock Auditions over the course of the month



Cost (tax incl)

Four Week Session $350 (plus tax)


Free Auditing is available. 

Please Contact Us to arrange.