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Jeb's Course

"Be Your Own Proof"

Service Description

Jeb's Course is a deep dive into the local acting scene and personal career mapping. Key Insights: • Current Projects: Understand the local landscape and immediate opportunities. • Personalized Career Mapping: Tailor your career path to fit your unique profile and skills. • Understanding Show Tones and Formats: Master the nuances of different genres and production styles. Benefits: • Tailored Feedback: Personalized coaching from Jeb to refine your skills. • Practical Experience: Real-world audition scenarios to improve response under pressure. • Community Learning: Shared insights enhance individual and group understanding. Industry Insights: In-depth knowledge of the casting process and future trends. OVERVIEW: GETTING READY Prepare to select a scene that meets three criteria: a desired role, industry demand for someone like you, and your skillset. We provide industry research tools, sides, and real-time JBA Discord support to start your journey. WEEK 1: Dive Into Action Begin with your chosen scene in an audition-style on camera with Jeb. Collective critiques will identify improvement areas. You'll refine your scene on camera with Jeb’s direct feedback, ending the week with targeted homework. WEEK 2: Deepen Your Understanding Continue with an on-camera audition of your homework. This session includes a deep review of show nuances, character types, and casting rationales, enriching your industry knowledge and acting choices. Jeb will provide further on-camera coaching. WEEK 3: Polish and Perfect Enhance last week's work by resubmitting a polished self-tape. We'll assess both technical and performance elements, refining your delivery and self-taping skills, readying you for industry standards. Between Week 3 and 4, Jeb sends a self-tape audition request, expecting a prompt turnaround to mimic real industry timings. WEEK 4: Mastering the Audition Focus on critiquing and refining your self-tape. Rework your audition on camera, integrating feedback to hone your skills. Jeb's tailored "go-forward" homework prepares you for ongoing development and real auditions. price includes 5% GST PLEASE NOTE!! This is a Closed-ended course of SCHEDULED SESSIONS. You are booking in for the SPECIFIC DATES for these sessions. No cancellations or rescheduling will be possible!

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

THIS IS A CLOSED ENDED CLASS Closed-ended classes are booked for specific dates and times. You are booking in for the SPECIFIC DATES for these sessions. If you are unable to attend, the class is forfeited and no rescheduling or credit will be possible. In an effort to minimize instances of substitute teachers, we may postpone a week from time to time if the instructor is not available. If you are unable to attend a rescheduled session, you will be given a drop in credit to be used for any ACTING FOR FILM AND TV Class on the schedule. That credit will be valid for three months from the scheduled class date. By submitting this form, you agree that have read, understood and agree to all the JBA Terms and Policies here:

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  • Studio 3 Media, 196 W 3rd Ave #204, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1E9, Canada

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