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Terry Knickerbocker 4-day Intensive

In Studio in VANCOUVER

Service Description

This 4-day Master Class Actors enrolled in class will be partnered up in order to select a scene from a play to work on prior to the class beginning. Ideally, this material should stretch the actor and support their ongoing growth. Terry offers a lengthy list of play suggestions in order to help guide you in your scene selection process. Terry will approve of these student-selected scenes. It is required that scene partners will be fully memorized and rehearsed at least a week before the class begins. Once in class, actors will be required to rehearse with each other in between classes. The class will be divided into two groups – Group A and B. Terry will work on seven scenes a day. Group A will work Monday and Thursday, with Group B observing. Group B will work Tuesday and Friday, with Group A observing. The goal is to come into class with fully lived out ideas and to be ready to work. 5% GST is included in the final price