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The Strategy - Victoria July 13/14

"your best opportunity lives where YOUR aspiration meets THEIR needs"

Service Description

THE STRATEGY NEVER STOPS. And so, 'the work' as well as your support start and continue before and after the workshop. BEFORE THE WORKSHOP Participants will be challenged to bring a scene that they feel meets Jeb's key criteria - it's a role they WANT, it's a role for which they they are IN DEMAND FOR, and it's a role that they have the SKILL to deliver. JBA Resources and guidance will be provided as needed to help you find the right materials! Once you've got that sorted, you will submit a self tape in advance of the workshop. This will be the basis of our work for day one. DAY ONE 10am-6pm After a quick intro discussion, Jeb will review everyone's work you as a group and give notes on what he's learned so far in reviewing your work. The rest of the day we'll get on camera and work with Jeb on camera. Jeb will assign you specific homework (eg new scenes, show role/archetype research) to target specific goals and apply them for advancement on Day 2. DAY TWO 9am-5pm It's time to hand in your homework. We'll follow a similar format to day one, but we'll be more condensed and forward-focussed. We'll work on camera, receiving hands-on coaching as we refine scenes prepared overnight, aiming to produce demo-worthy material that proves your fit for current industry opportunities. After lunch, the afternoon is dedicated to identifying specific roles and crafting a development plan that focuses on immediate and strategic career advancement. You will be given specific action items detailing career and skill development deliverables unique to your path forward. BEYOND THE WORKSHOP Participants will be given a go-forward focus and will be STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to reach out to Jeb on JBA's Free Discord for support as they continue forward on their development. Price includes 5% GST

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

PLEASE NOTE: by submitting this form, you agree that have read, understood and agree to the JBA Terms and Policies here: CANCELLATION POLICY WORKSHOPS ALL WORKSHOP SALES ARE FINAL AND NON REFUNDABLE. We understand that life happens. If something unexpected comes up for you and you advise us AT LEAST SEVEN DAYS PRIOR TO THE START DATE of the workshop, we will provide a STANDBY CREDIT for a future instalment of the same workshop. This credit will remain valid for one full year from the date your withdrawal request is received. After that time, the standby credit is expired and no longer valid. 
“STANDBY CREDIT” means that when we are offering the same workshop/workshop type with the same teacher, if there is an open spot 48 hours before the workshop, you can use your credit to attend. Clients are responsible to notify JBA that they wish to use their standby credit if possible for an upcoming workshop.

Contact Details

  • Haus Of Owl, Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC, Canada

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