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A weekend scene study workshop designed for actors of all levels. 'The Gift' workshop draws from a range of acting techniques to expand your skillset and equip you with a diverse set of tools to elevate your craft.

Join Karen for a dynamic and immersive weekend, where you will be challenged to elevate your acting skills to new heights.


Experience the power of presence with exercises that include fun word games and mindfulness practices, as employed by successful working actors. Build stronger connections with yourself, the script, and your scene partner to unlock the potential of your performance.

We'll delve into the many layers of your characters and scenes to discover new surprises and creative inspiration. Witness the transformative breakthroughs of your fellow actors, and discover how to apply their techniques to your own work. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to enhance your craft and take your acting to the next level!

You will be required to be off-book for the scene you will perform with your scene partner. Don't have a scene partner? No worries, we will assign you a partner and scene 3-4 days before the class. If you prefer to choose your own material, kindly get it approved by Karen ahead of time.

"Experience the

Power of Presense"

Saturday & Sunday

July 15th/16th


In Studio

Max 8 Participants


plus tax

We can get there from here.

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