During quarantine Wesley & Matthew created a workshop to support the acting community during the challenging time of the industry shut down. With a mandate to keep actors engaged, inspired & creative they developed a very unique experience that is exciting & fresh. Now that Vancouver is in Phase 3 they have decided to take these new concepts & build them into a one-of-a-kind class… Welcome to THE LINK.

The audition landscape has gone ‘live & online’ as the majority of roles are now being booked directly from self-tapes & online callbacks. How can you ensure that your self-tapes give you the best shot at making the shortlist LINK sent to Directors/Producers? And how will you handle the pressure cooker that is the LIVE online callback?

‘The Link’ is a unique opportunity for 10 ‘Active Participants’ to work their audition muscles & cultivate a unique, strong self-tape & then WOW Directors & Producers with an equally strong online callback. With the added experience of continuing to fill your ever-growing ‘Actor Toolkit’ through a custom-built community day that has become the backbone of this distinctive class.

Each 4-week session consists of 3 ‘Work Days’ + 1 ‘Community Day’.


Work your audition muscles • Prior to the ‘workday’ class students will pick a 2-page scene, self-tape it and submit it for review. Live/in-class, Wesley and Matthew will review each of the self-tapes, offer notes and then ask actors to adjust on the spot for a 1-take ‘LIVE’, simulated Director/Producer callback. Will you make D/P’s shortlist LINK?


Fill your ‘Actors Toolkit’ • Led by Wesley and Matthew, each alternate week there will be industry-related topics for group discussion: i.e. the process, authentic voice/breathing, how to be a leader and grow in this evolving time, actor portfolios, handling stress/tension, actor/agent communication, levelling up etc.

Each discussion will conclude with a student based Q & A around each topic. These classes are to be highly informative but most importantly about connecting and offering support to one another. A unique opportunity to fill your toolkit with ‘actionable knowledge.’

Matthew Kevin Anderson

Taught by 

Matthew Kevin Anderson



ACTIVE PARTICIPANT (limited to 10)

$450/4 week session

Payment Plans Available please contact us here to enquire


10 am - 1pm

January 20th - February  10th

February  24th - March 17th

March 31st - April 21st



A full-term audit allowing you to observe, take notes, and lessons for the full session.

$100/4 week session

Individual Class Audits


$30 please Contact Us to arrange


788 Beatty Street
Floor B2 (Basement 2)



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