It is a historic time for Canadian Actors.

As Canadian production comes back to life well ahead of the rest of North America, the incentive to book local actors has never been higher.  The economies of brining in US actors for recurring characters vs hiring local actors creates a massive incentive to hire local.

We better know what we are doing.

Let’s work to level our auditions up to the multi episode characters.  Let’s think about auditions that keep the audience invested to know where we will go from here.

Let’s LOSE the ‘day player’ mentality and THINK BIG.

Now is the time.


Day 1: Thursday, April 29th or Saturday, May 1st, 10 am-2 pm PST

Actors will coach on either Thursday or Saturday with Jeb, and everyone will work with Paul on Sunday.  If you coach Thursday, you are enthusiastically invited to audit Saturday and vice-versa, or you are free to take the day off and join us on Sunday with Paul


DAY 1: Coach your audition live online with Jeb, with an eye on creating a ‘future story’.  The version of the audition that leaves us wanting more from the character, going forward.  You’ll be paired with someone in the group and will read for one another in the coaching, as well as on Sunday with Paul.

All coaching work is filmed and emailed to you overnight so you have the chance to review before you get one on one with Casting on Sunday.

Day 2:  Sunday, May 2nd, 10 am-4 pm PST

Work one on one, live online with Paul Weber.  Paul will work from his perspective as a casting director and audition coach.  Paul’s 30 years of history specifically in casting Vancouver-shot shows from the LA/Network side will help us see what is/isn’t getting hired for the big roles and why or why not.  You’ll take notes, adjust,  ask personal/career questions, and build your rep and rapport.

All participants will be able to watch all work with casting (unless the actor opts for private work which we will happily facilitate!)

Finally, we’ll wrap up with a group Q&A, discussing whatever questions we have in mind, but especially the road ahead and how to make the most of the historic opportunity immediately ahead for Canadian actors.

Private links view and/or download video of all your work provided.

Jeb Beach.jpg

Taught by 

Jeb Beach


Casting Director 

Paul Weber

Date & Time 

Thursday (10am-2pm PST)/Sunday (10am-4pm PST)


Saturday (10am-2pm PST)/Sunday (10am-4pm PST)

April 29th, 1st, 2nd

all times are PST

(note that it’s possible that we run longer than the stated completion time but never by too long!)



Cost (tax incl)

$323 incl tax


Auditing is available for a $75 fee

Please Contact Us to arrange.