“Tools… Tools… Tools…”… for ALL LEVELS

Beginners looking to learn and understand different tools for your work.

Intermediates looking to add and strength new tools for you work.

Advanced looking to refine and expand new tools for your work.

In this unprecedented time of figuring out how to “pivot”, we will do the same. Using scenes work and monologues where applicable we continue to refine our skills.  


We will all meet Live Online on Sundays and have the regular scene study class set up; discussion and check in to begin, warm-up and exercises, then we will begin working the scenes.


Class 1: Script and character analysis, delving deep into the given circumstances and the writer’s intention. 


Class 2: Work the broad strokes of the scene, figure out objectives using the tools each person needs to bring their character to life.

Class 3: Dig deeper into all facets of the character, their super objectives exploring a deeper understanding of the authors intentions.

Class 4: Bring it to life.  Put all the elements of the scene together to live moment to moment in our performances.


Taught by 

Karen Holness

Date & Time 

Weds Dec 9th, 12pm-4pm

Sun Dec 12th 12pm-4pm
Weds Dec 16th12pm-4pm
Sun Dec 20th 12pm-4pm


Sundays AND Wednesdays (twice a week)



Cost (tax incl)

$296 incl tax


Auditing is available for a $75 fee

Please Contact Us to arrange.