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We can get there from here. 




$135.95 /

cancel any time


A new approach to training

Spend way less money. Get way more support. Work with whomever you want.

How does this work

Think of it like a gym membership.  You pay a monthly membership fee (which you can cancel any time) and you can register yourself for any of the classes on the go. There's a constantly changing variety/personal spin on the work from a diverse group of teachers, but we're all teaching "Acting for Film and Television"

We work as a team, communicate on what we're working on with you and support  each other in supporting you.  

Work with whoever you want, whenever you want.

Full CLUB Membership

This is the top level CLUB Membership Level, granting you full access to JBA Resources and Community Challenge and Reward as well. Full Details Here

Concert Crowd

The Audience Experience

with Jeb Beach

Acting for Film and TV

with The Team

Filming studio

Priority Waitlist

JBA's Unlimited Class Format is in high demand. We are growing to meet that demand,  but with care.  For the moment, we are limiting new members to 10 per month.

We're at capacity for February, but will be re-opening the membership by the second wek of March.  If you'd like first dibs when we open intake, join the Priority Waitlist below!

We can get there from here. 

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