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six teachers • four classes 
in studio • live online


3 months of classes for under $400 is absolutely unheard of in our industry!

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Chris Hong

"The flexibility of being able to sign up for any class monthly, even remotely in Toronto for online coaching, and it makes learning and practicing so much easier than having to book a full 6 week course. Lets be honest, our industry is chaotic; sometimes you get last minute auditions, bookings, etc and its so helpful to be able to pick up a class whenever you have free time to keep fresh and sharp."

Up to 4 classes per week!


access the whole team

  • Professional working actors guiding actors!

  • Tap in to the combined 85 plus years of experience 

  • We all share common values, but we also have unique approaches, We want to help you find what gets you there! 

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Having a variety of coaches has been an invaluable way to discover how different techniques may bring out the best in my auditions. Some may be applied to specific types of material, while others add to a toolbox that make approaching auditions much less daunting. In this era of self-tapes, where we no longer get redirected in the room, I believe it is important to be accustomed to taking directions from different people to be prepared to work with different directors on set.

Carlo Yu

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Take any class with who you want, when you want!*

"Jeb has opened my eyes to what it truly takes to succeed in the television industry and it has taken my career to new heights. Thank you Jeb, from the bottom of my heart."


$75 for the first month, and 159.95 moving forward, min. 3 month commitment, amazing value!

*based on JBA weekly schedule 


you drive

The Unlimited membership 
is for experienced actors who are driven to do the work, and direct their regimens with professional guidance and perspective. 

we'll navigate

the team will work with what you bring and challenge you to take it further.

Success and stagnation do not co-exist.  Challenge Yourself to stay successful. Mix it up and keep it fresh. Avoid the trap of auto piloting one teacher's ideas.  Take advantage of the variety of fresh perspectives and work with any/all of us.

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Tara Ming Moon

"I've been with the monthly membership since April 2023; the flexibility of reserving a spot by the week has ensured that I can have a varying weekly schedule and still be in class at least twice per month, if not every week (online or in-person!)"

your career

Our unlimited membership removes the barriers of waiting for the right class or teacher, we are helping actors empower themselves to hyper focus their career training and goals. It should be you!

our guidance

Gone are the days when actors don't know where to start, don't know how to develop and evolve...

We can get there from here


drop in classes

with the team

Registration Re-Opens Last Week of June

We can get there from here.

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