As actors, we are asked to ‘self tape’ a lot.  Sometimes we need a coaching, but sometimes we just need a high quality tape run by someone who knows how to work with us.

We often work with tight deadlines and the more flexible and reliable a resource we have to support us, the more value we can get from our time and money spent putting our work out into the world.

The JBA Video Services Team brings all the key elements together to make the most of your investment in your self-tapes:

Expert Readers
Megan, Robert, Kristy and Spencer have all spent considerable time as readers in Jeb’s weekly Advanced on Camera and Zibby’s Back to Booking classes.  As a result, they are GREAT READERS.  They are up to speed on all the shows, and they are in the constant practice of supporting actors to do great work on camera.

Professional Space
JBA’s three audition taping studios are professional casting spaces.

Great Sound & Light
The camera, lighting, and sound quality are professional grade.

Highly Flexible Availability
In working as a team, the group will find a way to make it happen for you. They’ll get your audition taped, edited, and uploaded for sharing and viewing with no deadline worries.

We’ve made it easy.  Everything you need is provided by the team.


Just show up ready to act, and we’ll take care of the rest to make you look and sound great!


Taping Services are $45/hour (one-hour minimum booking)

Most taped auditions will only require one hour and include file editing and upload.


Kristy is a long-time student, reader, and assistant at JBA. With a multitude of training and experience in the city, she has great insight into the audition game in Vancouver.


Her keen eye and understanding of scenes and her dedication to emotional connection and truth are Kristy’s greatest strengths. Not to mention her knack for comedy. She is fiercely passionate and eager to support her fellow actors to move toward their goals.

Spencer Teeter is a Vancouver based actor who has established himself as a working actor, landing gigs on many TV shows in a variety of genres in recent years.


A long time student of JBA, Spencer has a deep understanding of how to adjust a performance and ‘find where it lives’ for the genre/style/network.


Spencer has a positive, friendly attitude, and is passionate about acting, and collaborating with fellow actors to find truthful, bookable, and hilarious moments in every audition piece.

Robert is a Vancouver based actor but has also expanded his repertoire to include writing, directing, and producing. Born and raised in Calgary, he went to the University of Lethbridge, and later to Vancouver Film School, to pursue his love of acting and that’s how he wound up becoming a student/reader at JBA.


Since moving to Vancouver, Robert in addition to working on-camera acting in various TV shows and commercials has co-created a production company, StoRay Productions, which constantly hones his awareness of the entire process, from both sides of the camera.


Robert believes that acting/film making is an incredibly collaborative experience, and is passionately invested in helping to raise up other artists.


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