Welcome to Voice Over!

Here we will deep dive into the world of voice; from commercials and narration, to video games and animation.This hands-on fast-paced two-day workshop is the perfect place to unveil both the industry and the job of the voice over artist.

We will discover the ins-and-outs of the business, uncover more about your instrument, learn tools that are immediately implementable into your work, and find out how to craft a bookable, ahead-of-the-curve voice audition! 


DAY ONE:  Information Download!

Here we will study all you need to know about breaking into the industry and becoming a working voice over artist; including anatomy essentials, analyzing various mediums, discussing tone and industry trends, at home set-ups, auditioning like a pro, and So Much More!

DAY TWO:  will be a practical implementation of what was covered on day one by means of mock auditions.

Students will be sent a voice over audition script to prepare overnight. Class will then consist of playing out the mock auditions followed by coaching with Megan on what your individual areas of growth may look like. The day will end with a Q&A where students may ask any other burning questions they may have.

This intensive is perfect for those already auditioning but not seeing their submissions result in bookings, or for those brand new to voice over. Megan’s in-depth workshop is a safe space to explore, discover and grow as an artist.

This is a jam-packed kick off to a busy year ahead of VOICE WORK!

Taught by 

Megan Peta Hill

Date & Time 

Saturday/Sunday -February 20th & 21st

Outside Times 10am-3pm Each Day




Cost (tax incl)

ACTIVE Participation: $278
Full Participation with scripts, coaching, and recording.

WEBINAR Participation: $80
Attend and observe the info download and the coaching in action.


Auditing is not available for this workshop


788 Beatty Street
Floor B2 (Basement 2)



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