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"Matt is truly one of the greatest coaches I've ever worked with. I've improved exponentially as an actor since training with him and have started booking way more" Michaela M

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Matthew Kevin Anderson

Matthew is one of Vancouver's most sought after Film and TV coaches and a "JBA OG".  He has his finger on the pulse of production and is consistently bringing his most recent experiences as an actor, coach, and producer to his weekly lessons.​

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matthew's course

In your 4-week, session, Matthew's Course will challenge you to keep up with it all.   


As a top tier coach, actor and writer and producer, Matthew is always deeply tied to what's happening in the industry and how it impacts the actors creative and career journey.

Each week, Matthew challenge you to bring a scene that requires you dig in to something that is happening RIGHT NOW in the industry.  

He'll share his own challenges he's working through and help you to do the same in your own work.

Matthew's Course will keep you game day ready with a blend of fundamental on-camera acting technique, total relevance to industry and career challenges,  and artistic life balance.

Matthew's Course will get and keep you ready for the work.


“If you want to get into film and television it all bottlenecks at the audition. You have to be the best auditioner you can possibly be . That's it."


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"Always treat people with kindness."

"This is a RELATIONSHIP BUSINESS. A lot of my work comes from people that I've worked with in the past. You never know who's going to be the next Martin Scorsese, it might be a PA on that commercial you're shooting."


matthew's course

be the best auditioner you can possible be


matthew kevin anderson

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be the best auditioner you can possibly be

Breaking the Bottleneck

Breaking the Bottleneck

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watch matthew share his passionate approach to success, hustle, and making it happen

matthew's course

be the best auditioner you can possibly be

wednesday eves 6pm-10pm

in studio • vancouver

next 4 week session starts June 19th

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We can get there from here.

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