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weekly training

how do you work best?

tailored options

for your best work

We all have different starting point, goal, learning style, schedule and budget. 

JBA is committed to accessibility for all: sustainable training, support, and guidance that empowers Film and TV actors to commit to the consistent conditioning vital to stay competitive and continue to progress toward their unique goals.

All of our weekly on-camera training follows either a CLASS or a COURSE format - which is best for you?


JBA's "Acting for Film and TV" classes are stand alone single sessions. The classes are all on-camera audition workouts, with changing teacher-led themes each session.

This option is
budget friendly and offers flexibility for the actor that wants to 'get their reps in' by training consistently.


flexible scheduling  • diverse perspectives • low cost • unlimited options • in studio • live online •

Recommended for intermediate to advanced  actors who have a good idea of what they are working on,  what their goals are, and want to self manage their work, using the benefit of expert 

Work in studio and/or online on a drop in basis.  Choose your teachers, bring your work. 

one time drop ins
4 or 8 class packs
unlimited subscription


JBA's "Courses" are closed ended series of classes with pre defined goal, curriculum and set dates and times. 

Courses are offered by one teacher applying their unique focus.  You are working closely with one teacher collaborating to define the focus of your work toward specific goals.

guaranteed schedule • one teacher • personalized development • long term collaboration

Each course has its own recommended experience level.  Courses are the answer for actors who benefit best from collaborative development that comes from familiarity.  It's a longer term development approach and your teacher will be involved in goal setting, and work focus to achieve your development - planning, execution, and assessment. 

courses are registered for specific dates.  the mix of options varies over time - check below for current options!

weekly training


for film & tv

with the team

currently four weekly classes to choose from.

one time drop in, class packs, and unlimited attendance options available


jeb's course


in studio in vancouver

matthew's course

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in studio in vancouver

We can get there from here.

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