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Harvest Season Madness

This month, every Tuesday and Wednesday Jeb will be reviewing two TV series as the HARVEST SEASON kicks off...

If you’ve ever read the JBA Blog, you are probably familiar with the “Three Seasons"  post I wrote many years ago. I shared that in an effort to help actors make sense of the ebb and flow of industry activity so they can plan their time accordingly.


If you haven’t read that one, it’s highly recommended, some clarity on why it’s quiet when, and how to prep for each time of year should land with you.

One of the three seasons, as I call it, is HARVEST SEASON. Which is happening right now. 


It’s when TV series start coming back to life. I think one of the most important things to keep in mind for this time of year is that the auditions you have for the first few episodes of a season are THE MOST VALUABLE OF THE YEAR.





Well…. if you audition for episode one, you are actually auditioning for every single role that you are well suited for in the season ahead. If you do your homework and deliver undeniably good work, you are in the running for the opportunities in the months immediately ahead. If you don’t, well… it’s an uphill battle.


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