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Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan

As things are settled in this holiday season, and the new year is around the corner, I thought I would share this with all of you because its been of great value to me.

My year-end review.

At the end of every year it’s my a tradition to take some time to sit down and review the year that’s past and plan for the year to come. I think a lot of people use this time of year to make “New Years Resolutions” that don’t really stick and don’t have a specific long term impact on things. Especially when it comes to their work.

I focus on the actor’s company and career. I think its a great guide to help actors acknowledge and celebrate their strengths and to discover what areas of their business may be lacking focus. It’s been a hugely helpful tool for me so I look forward to passing it along and hope it’s a help to those who train hard at JBA and are always looking for ways to take things to the next level.

You can read the planner below. Here’s to your success!

Download PDF • 801KB

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