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“….That, to me, is the mark of a truly great teacher. One who actually wants you to not need them anymore.” - Darius H.


Don’t miss your chance to study with Terry Knickerbocker, world-renowned Meisner teacher and trusted coach to powerhouses like Sam Rockwell, Michelle Williams, Boyd Holbrook, Emmy Rossum, Sacha Baron Cohen, Zac Efron, and more.

For the past thirty years in New York City, Terry has coached actors on over 300 films, television and theater projects, both on and off-Broadway and regionally.  He even coached Sam Rockwell toward his Oscar-winning performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri!

Terry is part of the rich lineage of the Meisner acting technique, having trained as an actor and a teacher with William Esper - Sanford Meisner’s protegé -  for over 25 years before founding The Terry Knickerbocker Studio in Brooklyn in 2015 as a way to bring quality acting training to a wider, more diverse group of artists. Now, hundreds of actors have come to train in TKS’ world-class conservatory program.

Terry Knickerbocker works with JBA Actors

Terry Knickerbocker works with JBA Actors

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Sam Rockwell

"I first took an acting class from Terry Knickerbocker more than 25 years ago. Since then I have worked with him on every film and stage role I’ve done. Nobody’s better at what he does. Terry is incredibly intuitive and full of ideas that are usually outside the box. His sense of what is truthful is like a laser. I depend on him. He’s invaluable to me and I don’t know what I’d do without him."

Oscar Winning Actor 

and Tony Award Nominee

“They come in with ideas so you don’t start from scratch – you start from them already having put some paint on the canvas. Some of it is really good paint, some of it needs to start all over.” - Terry Knickerbocker

Actors enrolled in class will be partnered up in order to select a scene from a play to work on prior to the class beginning. Ideally, this material should stretch the actor and support their ongoing growth. Terry offers a lengthy list of play suggestions in order to help guide you in your scene selection process. Terry will approve of these student-selected scenes. It is required that scene partners will be fully memorized and rehearsed at least a week before the class begins.

Once in class, actors will be required to rehearse with each other in between classes. The class will be divided into two groups – Group A and B. Terry will work on seven scenes a day.  Group A will work Monday and Thursday, with Group B observing. Group B will work Tuesday and Friday, with Group A observing.


The goal is to come into class with fully lived out ideas and to be ready to work.

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“I function more as a director than a teacher in these classes; I mean, I’m teaching certain things that are universal. You’re getting something, hopefully, from watching the other scenes that are universal principles about acting, or meaning, or script analysis.”


- Terry Knickerbocker

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We are proud to bring this special opportunity to Vancouver.  In this four-day intensive,  Terry will lead an intimate group of actors through a dynamic and on-your-feet four day workshop to make their scene work better.


Explore bold choices, build rich relationships, and activate the full scope of their imagination to build a more authentic inner life. 


Students will work hard, play hard, and will rediscover their inner artist. 

in studio in VANCOUVER

10am-6pm each day

This Master Class is limited to participants that have either professional credits or previous training.

Actors of all levels are welcome and encouraged to audit. 

Full Participation


plus tax

full participation is at capacity.  but there is still space to audit!


4 Day Audit


plus tax

sit in studio and watch and learn as the master works with an expert group of experienced actors

join the waitlist

if you'd like us to notify you if a spot opens here, and/or give you first refusal on Terry's next workshop with us, please add yourself to the waitlist!

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