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Beyond the Breakdown:

Supporting Roles

"Packed with useful information... Stephanie has such a big picture grasp on what each character’s role is, and how to serve the production in terms of genre and relationship… Mind blown. This workshop has definitely changed the way I prepare for auditions. Stephanie is a very insightful, very effective and knowledgeable teacher."

Thematically Informed Auditions - Thinking like a Show Creator

Thematically Informed Auditions - Thinking like a Show Creator

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What would any show or film be without supporting characters? The protagonists' journey is only possible with the best friends, co-workers, neighbors, and antagonists that move the story along. They breathe life into the world, often stealing our hearts or getting the biggest laugh.

Casting breakdowns provide us with key information about who these characters are and what function they serve in the story. This workshop looks beyond the breakdown, using a project's TONE and THEMES to analyze a script and make informed choices about how to play our supporting roles. 

Saturday, February 10th, 10am-3pm

In Studio

Max 8 Participants


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