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Beyond the Breakdown:

Supporting Roles

They are called "Supporting" for a reason...

The term "Supporting Character" doesn't mean "further down the call sheet".  It means "Supporting the cause"  When you fully understand the overall goal of the show and how it relates to our lead, you are FREE to be wildly creative within a defined play space.

Webinar: Beyond the Breakdown with Stephanie Izsak

Webinar: Beyond the Breakdown with Stephanie Izsak

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What would any show or film be without supporting characters? The protagonists' journey is only possible with the best friends, co-workers, neighbors, and antagonists that move the story along. They breathe life into the world, often stealing our hearts or getting the biggest laugh.

Casting breakdowns provide us with key information about who these characters are and what function they serve in the story. This workshop looks beyond the breakdown, using a project's TONE and THEMES to analyze a script and make informed choices about how to play our supporting roles. 

what actors are saying....

"Beyond the Breakdown is packed with useful information about how to effectively prepare for auditions. Stephanie has such a big picture grasp on what each character’s role is, and how to serve the production in terms of genre and relationship… Mind blown. This workshop has definitely changed the way I prepare for auditions. Stephanie is a very insightful, very effective and knowledgeable teacher."

"I had the chance to take Stephanie's Beyond the Breakdown course. It was so informative and I really feel like I left with some valuable tools I'm currently using as I continue to grow in my craft. I really like that she provides us with sides to prepare and then we come in with the work we've done and are able to learn how to incorporate other valuable tools to add to our process. Stephanie provides a very in depth approach backed with detailed notes you can take with you! Highly recommend! :)"

"I thought the workshop was great and I found Stephanie to be insightful and inspirational. I appreciated her support, analysis and direction. " 

"My focus is on script analysis and how better to assess the information given in a script, the continued insight I get in this regard just helps me be better with this skill. " 

"I attended a seminar with Stephanie Izsak on July 08. She was energetic, well prepared, and had a specific course outline that she followed.  She did not waste any time, and explained her concepts well and with specifics.  This seminar reinforced concepts I had been exposed to through JBA and was well worth attending. " 

Sunday, October 7th, 10am-3pm

In Studio

Max 8 Participants


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