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Level 1

The Resources 

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Series Solver

JBA's searchable database of over 100 TV Series.  With detailed notes and a video lesson on every show, you will know exactly how to approach every audition in a fraction of the time.  

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Role Finder

Cut through the clutter and immediately identify opportunities that you should be getting ready for in the weeks and months ahead.

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Webinar Replays

Access to replay 100's of hours of JBA webinars with special guests, Q&A's and Lessons - full and uncut.

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Lessons Library

Searchable video lessons to help you understand and apply the concepts put forth in the Series Solver lessons, Webinars and Members Meetings.

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Meeting Review

Inside access to the work community members are doing in their ongoing challenges. Get inspired, watch, and learn by watching our weekly Members Meetings

The Resources
All Hands In

Level 2 

The Community 



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includes all The Resources plus:

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New Members Stuff .webp

Weekly Members Class

unlimited attendance of the weekly Members Class


Write Club

unlimited attendance of Write Club


Real Time Support

private and exclusive real time support for career/audition questions on JBA Discord

The Community
Challege & Reward
Weekly Support
Exclusive Groups
Real Time Support
Filming studio

Level 3 

The Team 



The Community 

The Resources, 






cancel any time

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Total Flexibility

Think of it like a gym membership.  You pay a monthly membership fee (which you can cancel any time) and you can register yourself for any of the classes on the go. There's a constantly changing variety/personal spin on the work from a diverse group of teachers, but we're all teaching "Acting for Film and Television"

We work as a team, communicate on what we're working on with you and recommend each other where they might help.  

You work with whoever you want, whenever you want.

TEAM Collaboration

Whether it's your (optional) CLUB Members Challenge or just your personally stated artistic and career goals as an actor, your team of teachers will be collaborating to guide you in class.

Upload your work for discussion and review in the weekly Members Meetings.  Learn from your communities goals, challenges, and progress.


Keep up with your team and community outside of class  on the Exclusive Groups, and on Private Discord for support

Or... just take the class you love with your favourite teacher whenever it suits you.

Limited Space Available Now

We are approaching maximum capacity for the Membership Level.  For the moment, you can secure a spot as registration remains available!

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The Team

We can get there from here. 

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