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take the LEAD

Do YOU KNOW what it takes to be a lead?

in studio • vancouver

june 1/2

Tammy does.

"...The value I walked away with was truly incredible. Tammy has an ability to read you as a human quickly which she leverages to assess you as an actor. She is direct, yet tactful, and cultivates a safe artistic environment to explore with no ego and no bullshit... By the end of the workshop you walk away with a really deep understanding of what it takes to book Leading roles and what you have to do to get yourself there and as a result, I've now had 3 callbacks!"

Take the lead...

A leading actor isn’t just about knowing what your goal is and moving the story forward.  It’s about taking the audience on your transformative journey and having them want to stay tuned every minute to see where this journey takes you. It’s about you being uniquely you.  Why do we watch Sandra Bullock? To see Sandra Bullock on this particular journey.  Why do we watch Denzel Washington? To see what Denzel does in this specific role.  Do you know what that special sauce is?

"Just wanted to make your day, I’m pinned for another lead you coached me on! I think we’re THREE PINS in from my coaching/ training with you. The pin is the win!"

Bring your acting to a new level and learn from the perspective of a lead actor as well as through the eyes of an Executive Producer who is watching tapes looking for their next star!

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Tammy knows what it takes to book the lead, with a unique perspective from BOTH SIDES of the camera.....


TAMMY GILLIS is Executive Producer and Star of the hit MOW “RIVERFRONT ROMANCE". She also starred in a very special two-part episode of the CBC television series “THE DETECTIVES” along with James Tupper and the award winning feature film “MENORCA”, which she won FOUR Best Actress Awards around the world for her incredible lead performance.  Tammy is currently a Senior Coach and Teacher at JBA and an Executive Producer and Writer with four MOW’s currently in development and hoping to shoot the first in the fall of 2023.  She has taught/coached actors all across North America including series regulars and leading actors.


Max 10 Participants


plus tax

in studio • in vancouver

Sat/Sun June 1/2 10am-5pm

Take the Lead Webinar May 2024

Take the Lead Webinar May 2024

Play Video

Watch the replay of Tammy's most recent webinar with Jeb she shares stories from playing leading roles on two shows she's recently wrapped at in Vancouver.  Murder in a Small Town and a (secret) show from Apple +

We can get there from here.

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