This is the How and Why of the entertainment industry:

We are in the business of collaborating with networks and studios to craft an experience for their audience.

When we understand the symbiosis that must exist between business and art, we can clearly and quickly identify and inhabit tone, style, pace, and other often missed but vital parameters.

Once we have this skill under our belt, we are able to take our auditions further, making the absolute most out of often very tight preparation time lines, and elevating work from “audition” to professional collaboration with casting. Every time.


In this weekly class we will prepare for the industry activity for each month ahead.  Most weekends, we will dig in to an in-depth analysis of TV series/shows which are known to be shooting in the Toronto Market the coming weeks and months.

We’ll cover the Macro of the Media to the Micro of the moments in your auditions.  We’ll use video review of tonal adjustments, digging into deep detail around the concepts explored in the Audience Experience and Incidental Hours articles, and make clear how to arrive at your best work every audition.

We’ll work materials from those shows (as available!) on camera, and help the actor to understand how to nail auditions in each one’s particular style, and we’ll also delve into what the specific opportunity for each actor will likely be in each show.  The goal being to, over time, hone an actors ability to focus their expertise to the industry demand they are most likely to meet.

Your commitment to this work will result in a well-earned confidence in the material and in character choice.  You will present as a competent professional who adds collaborative value to every single audition.

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Taught by 

Jeb Beach

Date & Time 

Tuesdays 7pm EST/4pm PST



Cost (tax incl)

4-week session: $296
8-week session: $530


Free Auditing is available. 

Please Contact Us to arrange.