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in studio  live online

flexible scheduling • total support • diverse perspectives

• sustainable pricing •


to provide a diverse, rich menu of expertise to actors as inexpensively as possible while offering total flexibility.  to remove all barriers to consistent support required to grow


Matthew Kevin Anderson
Tammy Headshot Square Crop

JBA's Core Team has a combined industry experiece of over SEVENTY FIVE YEARS as actors, teachers, and coaches.  You are in expert hands.  We know what works.


in the last week of each calendar month, the next month's schedule is released.  all of the classes are on camera audition style, but each teacher has our own twist each week.


you are not alone.  when you join JBA classes, you are gaining access to a growing community of teachers, coaches, fellow actors as well as a suite of resources to keep you supported every step of the way

JBA app

connect with admin support in real time, book/cancel classes, get wait list notifications, and tons more all with a few taps

sides database

almost 1000 sets of sides in our ever growing database. search by project, role-type, genre and many other options

discord community

established in 2020 to help actors help each other as  readers for self-tapes, the JBA Discord Server has become a thriving community.  Actors, teachers, other industry experts are in there sharing and supporting each other.  Everything and anything acting and industry.  24/7


there are two participation options available.  both uniquely flexible, and both extremely affordable

punch cards

4 or 8 session packs
valid for a full year
attend whenever works for you



monthly membership

(cancel anytime)

no attendance limits

includes JBA CLUB Membership

* of course there are some restrictions, but they are chill.
every week multiple members attend multiple classes on this plan.
see JBA Polices
for full details

We can get there from here.

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