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It’s getting light in here…

Happy New Year!

If you haven’t been around in class lately (or ever), please consider this your formal invitation to come audit and see the perspective we’re applying. New perspectives are settling in, light bulbs are turning on, career growth is happening.

The work we’ve been doing in the Pilot Season Intensive is finding its way out into Back to Booking and of course Series Study, because it is the opportunity that sits in front of us. The ability to logically identify and prepare fully within the stylistic range of the shows is BY FAR the most underdeveloped skill in our community right now. Working on this skill is making actors better collaborators with casting and it’s working.

One actor came to the Pilot Season Intensive ‘hoping something would finally click’. Saying she was getting callbacks, being brought in, but not booking. Took and applied what we learned, booked two TV Series gigs less than a week after.

There’s a reason that the FOURTH instalment of the Pilot Season Intensive is almost full: this stuff works.

Presenting the Associates

Two years ago when I set off on my solo journey, I did so by sharing my ideas and perspectives hoping that people who resonated with my POV would find me. They did. I found that across the board at all levels of the industry the ideas of a positive productive collaboration through deep industry awareness have struck a cord. A team of amazing people grew up around me, and I’m humbled to be associated with them.

It’s big team to introduce (you can meet them all here) – too much info for one post, so over the next little while I’ll profile every week or so. Matthew Kevin Anderson drew the first position:

Matthew Kevin Anderson

Matthew knows the industry from all angles. If you haven’t met him as a reader at your Clark & Page auditions in the past year or so, you have probably seen him on TV at some point – he’s got 20 bookings in under two years.

He’s a go-to comedy guy both as an actor and as a coach. He’s kicking off with JBA with the one-day Back to Booking COMEDY Edition – February 7th. He’s a recurring character on the new 30 minute single camera comedy Impastor. He’ll be in the room reading with you when you auditioning for the show with Clark & Page – the show goes to camera at the end of February. Talk about an inside track!

For a sneak peak, plan to audit Series Study February 3rd with Matthew when we cover Impastor. Matthew will be filling in to teach that class.

As always, thanks for reading – stay tuned for lots of great stuff in the coming weeks and months!

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