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Write Club: AUDIT

Service Description

In Write Club, we focus the lens on what roles are right for you,  right now and right where you are based on three key criteria: • What are you good at? • What do you WANT to be doing? • Where does the industry need people who look and sound like you doing this? When you register for your first WC session, you’ll be sent a scene with instructions to tape and upload prior to class.  In your first class we will: • Review your work and answer the three criteria. • Identify a specific guest star/supporting lead  character for a specific show in your market.  • Use what we know about the current production of the show to predict scenario/purpose for your character that is likely to happen. From there, you write a draft. When you’re ready, bring it back to class, and workshop it.  Once Jeb deems it “production worthy” jump in to any of the JBA weekly classes (included for any scene deemed ready by Jeb)  and get it coached and filmed. Now... Proudly share it with anyone and everyone.   This method of learning is one of the most relevant and practical for a both beginning and working actors.  You'll take total ownership of where you fit and why.  You'll also develop a deep understanding of the big picture of the purpose of any character, and how to think like a show creator **price includes 5% GST