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The Callback Sessions 

with Jeb & Wes

intelligent design


Wesley Salter

In this once a month, one-day workshop, Jeb and Wes will work together to help you "decode  your matrix" of what is and isn't working in your self tape design.

Working from your upload of a recent self tape,  they'll deconstruct and reconstruct the blueprint of your tape, and then coach you live on zoom to version that would win the eyes of casting.

Know the code so well, you won't even see it anymore.


Jeb Beach

wanna see your session at a glance?

next session

Saturday, November 18th

Live online through Zoom


plus tax


plus tax


plus tax

we're building something special here, we want it to be EASY to audit.  When you audit, not only do you  get tremendous value, you help to make this low cost format possible.

CHOOSE YOUR PRICE - $5, $10, $15, or $20

We can get there from here.

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