Waiver of Liability & Release

WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND RELEASE I, (Name typed above), understand and acknowledge that the class/workshop/seminar that I am participating in with Jeb Beach & Associates is physically and emotionally demanding and I fully understand and acknowledge that there are risks and dangers associated with participation in the class/workshop/seminar.

I hereby assume any and all risks associated with participation in the class/workshop/seminar, including, without limitation, the risk of physical or mental or emotional injury, minor or severe bodily harm, and/or illness, which arise by any means, including, without limitation, any and all acts, omissions, recommendations or advice given by Jeb Beach & Associates or their agents, employees, or other persons or entities affiliated with Jeb Beach & Associates and/or relating to or arising from my participation in the class/workshop/seminar.

I agree to exercise all necessary caution during the class/workshop/seminar. I also agree to inform Jeb of any significant aspects of my physical or emotional condition or medical history that might increase the risk to myself or others.

I hereby voluntarily and knowingly, release and discharge Jeb Beach & Associates, its employees, agents, affiliates, directors, officers, insurers and assigns of and from all manner of claims, actions, losses, liability, costs, damages and lawsuits of any kind that I now have or may have in the future by reason of any matter, cause or thing related to or arising from my participation in the class/workshop/seminar.

Photography/Recording Release

I hereby authorize, consent and grant permission to Jeb Beach & Associates and all of its employees, sub-contractors, affiliates, and agents to photograph, document, film, videotape and record my performance and/or participation in the class/workshop/seminar. I hereby grant to Jeb Beach & Associates, and those acting with its authority and permission, the absolute right and permission to copyright and use, reuse, publish and republish photographic portraits, pictures, videos and/or sound recordings, or any part thereof, that may have been taken or made of me and I acknowledge that such material shall be the property of Jeb Beach & Associates.

I waive my right to any and all royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of such material.

Cancellations I hereby agree that I may cancel my participation in this class or workshop up to 96 hours after registration is sent or 96 hours prior to the start of the class/seminar/workshop (whichever happens first) and receive refund less a $25 processing fee. After this time, i acknowledge that my payment is non refundable. Cancelations must be requested by email to admin@jebbeach.com

Substitute Teachers I hereby agree to accept a reasonable substitute teacher as chosen by Jeb Beach & Associates to fill in should circumstances necessitate the regular teacher being absent.

Missed Classes I agree that my participation/attendance of this class is subject to the JBA B2B TW SS Attendance Policy, and agree to the terms listed therein.

I have carefully read and considered this information and release and fully understand its contents. I am aware that I am releasing certain rights I may otherwise have and enter into this Release in consideration of being permitted to participate in the class/workshop/seminar.

Attendance/Missed Class Policy for ‘rolling registration classes: (Advanced on Camera, Back to Booking, Picking up the Pace)

You are registering/have registered for four or eight consecutive classes. Classes missed with less than 24 hours notice to admin@jebbeach.com will be considered to have been forfeited and no credit will be owed. When you advise us by email to admin@jebbeach.com at least 24 hours in advance we will apply the following: Your missed class will become a credit to be used on a standby basis when and if there is space available in that particular class on a particular week. Standby spots must be requested and co-ordinated the day before the class and entirely subject to availability. Credits cannot be used to hold a spot. If the final date of your four or eight classes has passed, and you wish to keep guaranteed a spot in class, a new round must be purchased prior to the next class. Credits will be available for future use. Solely at the discretion of JBA, credits may be transferred to other classes/private coaching. Please ask!

Connected and Sharp Terms and Conditions

WEEKLY AVAILABILITY You are responsible for reporting your audition availability to JBA each week using the link below: http://bit.ly/JBA-Audition-Avails Availability for the week ahead (Sunday through Saturday) is open each Thursday and CLOSED at the end of day Saturday. If you do not provide your availability by end of day Saturday, you forfeit your auditions for that week. As a courtesy, JBA will send you automated SMS message each Thursday at the mobile number you’ve provided us at registration to remind you to get your availability in, but it is your responsibility to submit by end of day saturday. We strongly suggest that you just set a recurring reminder in your calendar for each Thursday to get that in! MISSED AUDITIONS If you are sent an audition/callback and you do not show, you forfeit that audition/callback. CHANGING SCHEDULE If, once you have submitted your availability for the week, your schedule changes, you are responsible for advising JBA by email: jbassist@jebbeach.com of your updated schedule. These must be sent 24 hours in advance in order to be adjusted. AUDITION RESCHEDULING Once an audition is sent for you for a time shown as available by you, it cannot be rescheduled. You may opt to submit a self tape instead if you can’t make the audition SELF TAPE DEADLINES Self tape deadlines CAN BE CHANGED WITH NO NOTICE. This one is easy to manage - if you are sent a self tape request and you can’t make the deadline, just let us know by replying to the email request, and we will adjust the deadline for you.

Connected and Sharp Contest Terms and Conditions

As a member of Connected and Sharp you agree to be automatically entered in a monthly contest to win a free workshop or class with a JBA associate based on your work. Each month, one of the JBA Associates will be named the Judge of the Month. That person may have special criteria to focus on as part of the work. If so, we will announce that to you directly through email and also share on the JBA Instagram: @JBandAssoc The prize will be valued at approximately $300 (depending on the class or workshop). * The FIRST take of any submitted self tape or Zoom Audition you complete will be entered in to the running. EACH WEEK, the finalist of the week will be chosen, and at the end of the month, the top four auditions will be submitted to the judge of the month to select a winner. *Prizes have no cash value, and are not transferrable. They must be used by the winner for the class or workshop promised.

Closed-ended Classes (Audience Experience Vancouver, The Link, Scene Study)

Because this is a closed-ended class with a weekly agenda, missed classes cannot be made up. You are responsible to attend at the scheduled date and time. If you miss a class for any reason, you have forfeited that time.